Lady GaGas nya album "ARTPOP" är ute 11 november 2013!!!

Lady GaGa’s new album “ARTPOP” will arrive this November and will be accompanied with an app, the pop superstar has announced.
GaGa’s 4 album will drop on Nov. 11 alongside an app she describes in a wordy statement as "a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion and technology.” And there is a promise that the user will share in the “adrenaline of fame.”
Naturally, a single will drop first, on Aug. 19. And pre-orders for the album will kick off Sept. 1, according to the statement published today on GaGa’s Facebook page.
Lady GaGa had unveiled plans late last year for "ARTPOP," though the project was expected to roll-out in early 2013.
Källa: Billboard

Ååh kan knappt vänta!!! Älskar dej GaGa!<333

/love juliiamariahh


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